Janet Yellen: Mushroom Hunt in China: Yunnan Adventure

Janet Yellen: Mushroom Hunt in China: Yunnan Adventure

Janet Yellen, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, did something strange and fun while she was in China. Yellen was having a possible psychedelic experience while eating a Chinese treat called jian shou qing. She likes mushrooms.

Janet Yellen: How to Understand Jian Shou Qing: The Strange “See Hand Blue” Mushroom

Janet Yellen: Mushroom Hunt in China: Yunnan Adventure

The interesting food is called jian shou qing in Chinese, which means “see hand blue.” One of a kind plant that can only be found in Yunnan province in China changes in a fun way. When you cut or touch it, the thick stem quickly changes colour from yellow to a strange grayish-blue. This is because of rust and press. Yunnan is known for having a lot of different ethnic groups and a rich cultural mix. You can find a lot of different kinds of wild mushrooms there.

How to solve the puzzle of hallucinogens

In the world of food, hallucinogens are often linked to drugs like psilocybin, which is found in fun magic mushrooms. But no one knows for sure why jian shou qing works. Someone at the Kunming Institute of Botany told a story about a friend who ate these mushrooms by chance and for three days had very strange dreams.

Social media posts from the restaurant staff showed that Yellen really did love mushrooms, making what seemed like a normal dinner into a “extremely magical day.”

When Jian Shou Qing is on social media, it can cause hallucinations.

What Yellen did wasn’t the end of the mushroom story. On social media sites, there videos of dreams that caused by jian shou qing. In one movie, a young woman who seemed normal waved her hands and talked about people coming and going. People who watched the videos were both excited and wary, and they began a virtual conversation about what this strange mushroom was and how it worked.

Janet Yellen: The business should switch from Mushroom Magic to God of Wealth Feasts.

To make the most of its instant fame, the Yunnan restaurant did something very smart. WeChat users called Yellen the “God of Wealth,” which is a figure in Taoism and Chinese folk religion that stands for money. It was funny that the restaurant made a special “God of Wealth” set meal with the exact items Yellen had asked for.

Janet Yellen: People thought it was funny in the middle of a political crisis.

Politics got tense when Yellen visited, but the Chinese people were glad that a foreign official liked their special food, even if it meant they might have an unexpected experience that would change their minds. Important talks made funnier by the funny part of the situation. This shows how unexpected food adventures can bring people together.

Janet Yellen’s mushroom trip ended up being a story that was funny, interesting, and had a little magic to it. Something important we can learn from this is that strange things can happen over a simple meal, turning it into an unforgettable journey.